Uganda Baha'i Institute for Development

Children's Classes

Baha'i children's classes provide children with moral and spiritual education, friendship, games, stories and art activities. The classes aim to awaken an understanding and love of the Messengers of God who have brought universal spiritual principles and moral teachings that have served to uplift humanity throughout the ages. These classes are based on the teachings of Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i Faith, and seek to inspire in children a love of humanity in all its diversity, and a love of knowledge, both material and spiritual. We believe that the development of moral capacities in our children is fundamental to not only their happiness, but for authentic human cooperation and the advancement of our material and spiritual civilization. Regular children's classes are held in Baha'i communities across Uganda and the world, and are open to everyone. In some places around the world, Baha'i children's classes are also offered in schools under the "Special Religious Education" or "Scripture" program.

Junior Youth

Baha'i junior youth programs aim to assist young people, as they move from childhood through adolescence, to develop their spiritual qualities, virtues, their intellectual capabilities, and their capacities for service to society.Designed for young people aged between 12 and 15, the programs adopt a participatory mode of learning where the facilitator and participants learn from each other.Participants are engaged in activities such as artistic expression, discussion, drama, cooperative games, study of literature, storytelling and acts of community service. They are encouraged to develop a strong sense of purpose, becoming empowered to contribute to their own transformation as well as to the advancement of society. All the materials studied in the junior youth classes are inspired by the teachings of Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith.

Study Circles

The purpose of Baha'i study circles is to provide participants with the knowledge, spiritual insights and skills to enable them to walk a path of service for humanity.This is done through the study of a sequence of courses, each one concentrating on a specific path of service. The first study course in the sequence of seven books is called Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. It examines spiritual matters such as prayer, meditation, and the development of the soul.These courses, held all around the world, are based on the Baha'i Writings and are open to all, regardless of religious or cultural background. These study circles are facilitated by experienced individuals referred to as tutors / study circle facilitators in an environment that is at once serious and uplifting.The role of the study circle facilitator is not to impart knowledge, but to assist in leading the discussion. Consultation, participatory learning and the use of the arts are all part of the learning process.

Devotional Meetings

The Ugandan Baha'i community like all Baha'i communities around the world places a high importance on holding regular devotional gatherings.Baha'is come together in many communities across the country, inviting friends and neighbors to attend small prayer sessions in homes or public venues like Baha'i centers.The aim is to pray, meditate, and read spiritual writings in a creative and personally satisfying way. There is no set form for such gatherings but the main purpose of these devotional meetings is to fulfill a yearning of every soul it commune with its Creator. These devotional gatherings are open to all and are intended to embrace that attitude of prayer and devotion that is universal to all religions. Music is often a component in the gatherings, i.e. spiritually uplifting songs and chants always characterize Baha'i devotional meetings world over. People are welcome to simply sit, meditate and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere, or participate by reciting some of the readings or prayers.