Bahá’í Children's Festival

Complementary to the program for the Spiritual education of children, children’s festivals come in as one of the qualitative aspects that are implemented by those supporting or engaged in the program. Sunday 23 February was when the second children’s festival happened in Kampala locality at the Baha’i house of Worship grounds. About 300 children from different Baha’i children’s classes in Kampala locality attended the festival and were prepared by their teachers to present different artistic presentations like songs, poems and quotations as learnt in their classes before their parents and fellow children. The children were mobilized by their teachers as well to attend the Sunday morning devotional program in the House of Worship before they gathered at the picnic area on the Temple grounds where the rest of the program of the day was to take place. The day was organized by a task force appointed by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i’s of Kampala which directly collaborated by the Cluster Institute Coordinator for the program for the spiritual education of children to see that festival happens smoothly as planned. Before the actual day, this task force sat in series of meetings to consult and plan for the festival. The LSA of Kampala directly supported the organizing process of the Festival by providing all material resources needed to make the day colorful and unforgettable. The main purpose of organizing this day was to allow children share among themselves what they have learnt from their classes, to enhance the parents’ understanding about the spiritual education of children and also to enable the children have a space to celebrate Ayyam-i-ha (days of giving) prior to the fasting period.